Burn the mathematics

If you want to do economics well, you at least need to be a decent mathematician. When still at high school, I was warned by my teacher that most economics faculties had one requirement: an above average grade for mathematics. Fair enough, I thought, given the fact that economics is full of equations and statistics. The mathematical approach of economics, however, has not always been the only bar in town. How then, did economics become so obsessed with mathematics? And is this obsession still justified?

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What economics means to me

When I was about twelve years old, I was suddenly determined to become an economist one day. Well, at least I wanted to busy myself with money and all that. The occasion of this vision was, ironically, the birthday of a saint (‘Sinterklaas’) who rewards children with gifts in case they behave properly. That evening, I received a novel called Felix en het grote geld (‘Felix and the big bucks’) by Nikolaus Piper. As I couldn’t imagine a more fitting title, I started reading straight away.

'Felix en het grote geld'

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Introducing VirtualVolition

Welcome to my newly created personal blog VirtualVolition. I’ve been thinking for quite a while about launching a blog where I could share my many (sometimes too many) thoughts on issues that interest me. Most of these issues are related to economics, philosophy, politics and entrepreneurship, but include more down-to-earth topics as well. Normally I do not think highly of new year’s resolutions, but I had to actually pick a moment to make this idea happen. I already go to the gym and I don’t smoke, so what else is left to start the new year fresh? Right, a blog. Thus, for the occasion I chose 2016.

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