From a young age, I have had a special interest in economics and philosophy. This interest has only grown every since, constantly seeking answers to the many questions that come up. Meanwhile, the world of politics entered the scene and started to blend with the more academic concepts of the two original disciplines. The culmination of this process is this blog, where ideas from economics, philosophy and politics come together.

In 2013, I obtained my international Bachelor degree in Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). I was quite disappointed about the application-driven approach and general lack of critical reflection of the economics discipline. This is why I continued my studies by enrolling in a two-year Research Master programme in Philosophy and Economics at EUR. This programme was actually about the philosophy of economics, focussing on the history of economic thought, the methodology of economics, and key concepts such as rationality and ethics.

I have recently graduated and I now work at the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Financial regulation has been a particular interest of mine because its aim is to make financial markets, and thereby the economy as a whole, more fair and efficient. More generally, my ambition is to contribute to economic policy that is based on a broad perspective and that includes more than just economics.

Besides my academic and professional pursuits, I am particularly engaged with the economic and political developments in China, as well as Chinese culture and linguistics. During my gap year and Bachelor exchange I have personally witnessed the complexities and dynamics of modern Chinese society. By capitalising on these experiences I wish to make a valuable contribution to understanding the rise of this fascinating country.