A plea for wise organisations

In about half a year, I will have graduated and hopefully have found my first job. When I tell people this, they often respond with something like “So fun time is almost over!” or “Are you ready to take on the corporate jungle?” Despite their good intentions, I don’t think the picture of a working life is like that at all. In fact, the idea of having a life made up of just work is outdated and misses the point.

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Why not voting can be democratic

Last weekend I was approached by a young woman who was campaigning for a ‘No’ in the upcoming Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine association agreement. Although her flyer contained mostly flawed arguments, she did tell me something sensible: “Whether you’re for or against, you should go out and vote.” At first, it was difficult to disagree with her. However, after I’ve seen all the cards on the table, it has become clear to me that I should not vote at all tomorrow.

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